The  Kad'yak Shipwreck Saga

Bradley Stevens’ email asserting custodianship of the wreck

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Sent: Tuesday, August 19, 2003 8:48 PM
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> Hi Kad'yak Hunters. We are still being contacted for information about
> the Kadiak shipwreck. In the interest of consistency, I would like to
> be considered as the official source for information to the media about
> the discovery of the Kad'yak wreck site in Kodiak, although I will
> encourage reporters to interview other participants in the project if
> they desire. I have two major concerns about any news articles that
> may be published. Despite or regardless of what other media have
> published, I do not wish to identify the location or depth of the site
> other than to say "near Spruce Island". While other media have
> identified specific bays that were recorded in historical documents, I
> do not wish to verify or deny the accuracy of those descriptions.
> Secondly, I do not wish to identify any specific objects that were found
> other than "unidentified objects", that may include some pieces of
> copper we recovered. One such photo of an unidentified artifact has
> already run in the Anchorage Daily News, with my permission (because
> nobody knows for sure what it is yet). I believe this lack of specifics
> is necessary in order to protect the integrity of the site, and to
> prevent enticing others from vandalizing the site until a full
> archaeological survey can be conducted. I wish we could have kept it
> even less publicized, but that was not possible. Please call me if you
> have any questions. Brad Stevens 907.481.1726.