Documentary Film Work

“The Lost Floatplane of Legler Lake” (2010, in production.) Writer and editor of a feature-length documentary about the near-tragic crash of a private aircraft in 1992, and the expedition to raise and recover the plane 17 years later.

“The Torrent Shipwreck: Searching for Alaska’s Underwater History” (2008). Producer, writer, and editor of a one-hour documentary funded in part by a grant from the Alaska Humanities Forum.

“Man vs Wild” with Bear Grylls, joint production of Diverse World (Bristol) and the Discovery Channel. Location advisor; safety diver. 2006

“Steaming to Disaster: The Loss of the S.S. Aleutian ” (2005).  Writer and editor; videographer and narrator of an independently-produced 30-minute documentary film.

“Ray Mears' Extreme Survival: Alaska” a joint production of BBC and the Discovery Channel. Historical and location advisor; underwater videographer. 2001

Steve Lloyd

Anchorage-based historian, author, explorer, filmmaker, technical scuba diver